“The dream of the corner office has been replaced..”

Work From Wherever

What Does It Mean to

Work From Wherever?

Answers from my community

“#workfromwherever means getting to live my life and enjoy it, not just visit it on nights and weekends.”

Laura Aiello

“#WorkfromWherever is loving what you do and having the flexibility to bring this passion wherever you go, rather than having to go to "it" as a workplace.”

Michelle Hagen

“#workfromwherever isn't about working when and if I feel like it, it means working hard any time at all. If I can get up during a bout of insomnia and do my thing at 2:00 am, I will. It means that if I want to mix work and my greatest pleasure, travel, I will. It's not about working less or taking more time off, it's about making the MOST of my time and being comfortable and happy working my butt off.”

Dawn Marie

“It means making sure I have a universal travel adapter, my business organized on the cloud and a room with good internet. Once i have those essentials taken care of it means I'm walking my talk - I'm living life on my terms, inspired and driven to help people create the big visions they have for their life. It means deciding what is MOST important to you - choosing to HOW & WHERE you want to work and then doing it. YOUR WAY EVERYDAY.”

Heidi Lidholm

“#workfromwherever means having my cake and eating it too! I get to have a career doing what I love without sacrificing the opportunity to witness first steps, smiles, and laughs!”

Candi Beach

Postcard Postcard

True success looks, tastes, and feels like freedom.

The ability to go anywhere at a moment’s notice, live out of your suitcase, see and truly experience the world.

When I started my first business, I never dreamed I’d start a movement,
but I wanted to build businesses that would afford me the freedom to #workfromwherever.

I’ve done it, I’d like to teach you how to do it too.

Find out how

In fact, I was blown away by the response when I first started posting photos of me working all over the world that I decided to start using the hashtag #workfromwherever. My photos not only got many likes and comments, but people started posting all kinds of creative photos of their own showing how they #workfromwherever.

It was then that I realized that I had touched on something powerful.

Before I knew it, #workfromwherever became a sort of rallying cry for my audience and a real reason behind why I do what I do: helping people build businesses that provide us with the freedom to #workfromwherever.

Now having the freedom to work from wherever you want, doesn’t mean jetsetting o to Capri for all of us. For many, it’s the freedom to be able to work from home, a local coffee shop, or just in the backyard with our kids that is truly “living the dream”.

I learned that, for me, the control to live my life the way I saw fit was vital to the life I wanted to live.
Although I didn't know it at the time, it was one of my first lessons in the Art of Entrepreneurship: live your life by design.

Now it’s Your turn

Show Me Your #workfromwherever Lifestyle!

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and tell me what “Work from Wherever” means to you!

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Now more than ever, the real reason that people start businesses is to experience freedom. Our ambition is not to have the corner office with a huge company (and equally huge responsibilities tying you to it). It is having a business that allows us the freedom to #workfromwherever — whether that means from a café in Paris or the park with your kids.

For me and Devin, travel has always been an important component in the picture of our ideal lifestyles, so it was vital for us to build companies that could come with us wherever we wanted to go.

With the power of my laptop, I’ve lived the #workfromwherever lifestyle by working from:

· A charming streetside cafe in Paris.

· From my private plunge pool overlooking the turquoise sea in Anguilla.

· On the terrace of a chic apartment overlooking the Spanish Steps in Rome.

· From a cozy chalet with a dramatic view of the snowcapped Alps in Switzerland.

· A modern highrise with a side of room service in Tokyo.

· A brilliant bougainvillea-lined terrace with fresh sea breezes from the Mediterranean sea in Capri.

Melanie's Story

Of course, not everyone is looking for international travel when they say they want to #workfromwherever. A member of my team stays home with her kids and works from the dining room table, the back yard deck, or poolside in the summer!

Another member of my team was able to pick up her business at a moment’s notice to fly home and be with her dad when his cancer came back — and her clients never even experienced a hiccup, because she too could #workfromwherever.

Yet, another is working for me while she travels around Portugal this month. You see, I don’t just live it — I want to help as many people as possible enjoy the freedom to #workfromwherever.

It’s a hugely powerful concept and a true freedom I want to help more women realize.

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