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Business Class

Join the Business Class Family and surround yourself with an amazing group of entrepreneurs all taking their businesses to new heights. Receive valuable support and feedback from the private community, hop on monthly group coaching calls, and gain access to micro-trainings on targeted business growth strategies.

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“Since joining the program 12 months ago, I've seen major growth in my business. Along with increases in numbers for each launch (one launch tripled from the previous launch), I've also doubled my business overall. I've loved how actionable the training is - there's no fluff. And I adore that we have the ability to learn from other great minds within the community.”

Kellie O'Brien, Kellie O'Brien Media

The Power of Pinning

Are you pinning for pleasure, but unsure of how to use Pinterest for business? Let me share with you my proven strategies for using Pinterest to drive tons of traffic to your site and sell more of your products and services online. I've been successfully using Pinterest to grow my ecommerce and education businesses for years, and I can show you how to do it too.

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“The Power of Pinning course really lit a fire under me when it came to marketing on Pinterest! After taking the course, we gave our Pinterest account a major makeover, branded our boards, and implemented the pinning tips that Melanie talked about. I quickly noticed after that we were steadily getting more followers and one of our pins even reached a whopping 2649 repins and over 700 likes!”

Auret Esselen, Essetino Artists

the perfect lead magnet

Would you like to quickly build a big email list of your dream clients and customers? Inside of this comprehensive list building training, I'll show you the simple and elegant system that I used to build a list of over 100,000 of my dream clients and customers in just a few years.

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“The biggest thing the Perfect Lead Magnet program has done for me has been getting me to actually TAKE ACTION on getting my new business model up and running. I finally have super clear action steps to take in order to get my new business going (and very clear steps to take to make my current one stand out in the best way!) and I actually feel like it's doable, instead of daunting!”

Susan Brennan, Growth and Grace

Outside The Box

Discover how to build a thriving physical product business and sell more online. I'll show you how to develop your pricing strategy, source materials, optimize your site for sales, get your products onto television and into magazines, and wholesale your offerings so that you can get into more stores.

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“I used the tools provided in your training, customizing them to fit my business, and had my BEST EVER sale, BY FAR!!!! My Black Friday/Cyber Monday event this year seriously blew every other sale out of the water! I have never, ever, ever seen numbers like this...EVER! This is a system I plan on using over and over again...just phenomenal!”

Venus Kuchling, Little Goddess Boutique

DIY Mastermind

Inside of this program, I will provide you with the proven format that I have used for years inside of my mastermind (including how often to meet, and exactly what to cover on your calls together). I will personally curate groups of 8 to 10 people for form virtual masterminds. Incredible breakthroughs, and powerful accountable await you.

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“I love the Community I'm in. The sharing of information has been great and I feel that there was a high level of thought given to how the participants were selected.”

Lynne Dominick, The Roxy Grace Company

The Art of Business

Ready to sink your teeth into the systems and strategies that will get your business past the million dollar mark? Dive into these advanced business strategies on topics including negotiation, selling, and how to build your dream team.

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“You showed me the way to have a successful online business. In 18 mos. I have created a multiple 6 figure business, hired 2 full time employees, 3 part time employees. I am now a paid speaker and able to #workfromanywhere. You and Devin are a true inspiration.”

Sue B. Zimmerman, Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprises

Selling Beauty

The secret to selling more of your products and services online is understand how to make your offerings LOOK as amazing as they are. Inside of this program you'll learn how to tap into the power of visual marketing to unleash the value behind your brand.

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“I've received such an incredible customer experience that I want to replicate it for my existing and future customers. Not to mention the value of the training itself that is incredible!”

Elena Kozliakova,