A New Year’s Goals Countdown

It’s time to pop the bubbly and pull out the vision board! The new year is upon us, and for entrepreneurs like us, that usually means plotting and planning our big moves for the future.

And while it’s easy to dream big and even imagine our vision in detail, it can be challenging to actually visualize how to get from dream to action.

So, let’s count down the top 10 things you need to get all your goals in 2019!

  1. Identify your goal
    Start with the big vision! I’ve got a 12 Month Vision Planning Worksheet to help you dream big and create a holistic vision for your business and life.
  1. Justify it

Once you ID what your goal is, make sure you have a clear understanding of why creating this new goal is important and how you’ll benefit by it.

  1. Make a pledge to yourself

Sign on the dotted line and create a contract with yourself to stay committed to your goal (unless and until data compels you to change direction).  This small step can make a big difference in your follow through, especially when posted on your wall or someplace where you’ll see it regularly.

  1. Break it down into steps

Once you have your 12 month goals, you can create a plan to accomplish them by organizing them into four main objectives — each taking no more than 90 days to complete. From there, you can break your first quarterly goal into 12 steps, one for each week of the quarter.

  1. Adjust your goals

If you find yourself questioning whether you can organize your year into four main projects or focuses and then accomplish your goals within that, ask yourself if you’re requiring too much. Less can often be much more.

  1. Leave some wiggle room

When you’re doing things like identifying your 90 Day Goal, setting up the 12 Steps of Progress, and then creating tasks within that, it’s easy to fill the entire blueprint up with things to do. Leave a little wiggle room. And remember, having big goals and not over scheduling yourself are not mutually exclusive. Focus on the tasks that will make the biggest impact for you and in your business and focus on those projects first.

  1. Be flexible

If you don’t leave room in the plan, then it will be harder to be flexible when you need to, and also harder to remain positive and goal-oriented. You’ll end up reacting to your business rather than being proactive and making things happen.

  1. Identify anywhere you’re wasting time in your business

Identifying where you are wasting time in your business is about figuring out where you are most valuable and managing your time to be able to devote as much of yourself to those tasks as possible.

  1. Create a success routine

Reaching your goals isn’t all about defining what tasks need to be done and then doing them. It’s also about creating a routine for yourself that lends to you reaching your objectives.

  1. Stay in touch with your big why

Understanding the bigger “why” behind the goals and visions you set will help you keep on track whenever the going gets tough. When you remember the big picture, you’ll find it even more rewarding to do what needs to be done to get there. Our 12 Month Vision Planning Worksheet can help you identify your big whys to help you keep them front and center all year long.


If you keep these tips in mind you’ll be that much further ahead towards achieving your goals in 2019. And if you want even more step-by-step support, I highly recommend our Goal Achievement Planner inside Business Class.

For now, pop the bubbly and bask in the glow of the possibility of the year ahead. You’ve got this!


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